• Bob H.

    why’d you put the front wheel on backwards? 😉

  • Bricknd

    Very Nice Ride!

  • Matt K

    Very nice, indeed.

  • scott f

    By putting the wheel on backwards it creates a time warp and returns the bike back to original condition!

    • Joe B.

      Maybe the wheel is not on backwards. Just the quick release skewer. You better make sure to make that leap back in time!

  • laverack

    Now, don’t get me wrong, it’s a beaut, but I saw a vintage bike in Tulsa once that was nicer.

  • http://www.mnthomp.blogspot.com Matt

    I just got myself an (apparently – I wasn’t sure until I saw your beautiful bike) 1974 Schwinn Le Tour at our local (Fort Collins, CO) bike coop, and while not as nice as yours, I couldn’t be happier with it. It needs a little love (like tires and a saddle), but it’s bright yellow and fun to ride!

  • http://hughsbicycle.blogspot.com Hugh

    Love those chrome fork tips! Nice job on all the alloy and chrome. You might want to consider some vintage race pedals with Christophe Traps and Straps.
    Sweet looking bike (:

  • Steve Howell

    Believe it or not I have one exactly like it,same color & everything,I found at a thrift store 3 years ago for $9.00,I have $250 or so wrapped up in it now with new everything that needed replacing,one new alum. rear wheel and some high dollar racing pedals,these bikes ride Grrreeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaat! I’m out almost everyday weather permiting.

  • Crazy4schwinn

    What size seat post are you using? 25.6?