• http://OTSG Dave M

    I like the wrap job on the bars. What kind of cotton did you use? Did you tint the shellac?

  • Hugh

    Nice Bike, the wrap looks great!
    Is there any chance we could see some pics of the cotton wrap and shellac process? It looks great,I would like to see how it is done.Thanks

  • http://www.twosixteen.com/fivetoedsloth/ Scott Loveless

    Thanks, Guys. I was griping to my wife about how the local shops don’t carry cotton tape and she suggested that I go to a nearby fabric outlet and look for some. I ended up with unbleached (natural) 1″ cotton tape. The hardware store provided cotton twine and a can of Zinser amber shellac. The bar plugs are plastic, left over from a package of cork tape.

    I didn’t take any pictures while I was wrapping the bars, but I started at the bottom and worked to the top. Pretty standard, I think. Instead of the electrical tape I’d normally use to secure cork tape, I used some aluminum stove pipe tape because I’d read it won’t show through the cotton after the shellac is applied. I wrapped right up the handlebar sleeve.

    Since I’d never done cotton tape or twine before, I followed these directions for the twine. http://www.instructables.com/id/SA61SISF3C4XKBG/

    As for the shellac, the Tressotar tape apparently has a much tighter weave than the stuff I used. As such, mine took a lot of shellac – like, half the can. I just brushed it on with a cheapie bristle brush. 3 coats or so. Put down some plastic under the bike.

    I hope that helps. It was a fun experience and I’ll probably try it again with real bar tape.

  • Andrew

    Nice bike and great photography!

  • http://www.highway550.com Stephen

    Great Photography ! I love the fence shot. nice bike too!