• http://www.wrn.com Bob H.

    Now that it’s assembled, by all means ride it!

  • http://OTSG Dave M

    A 25+ year old NIB Taiwan Raleigh. I think that is the OTS equivilant of finding the Holy Grail.

  • Mark

    The GOD decision was best my son….

  • Hugh

    Wow that is really cool. I have found a few pristine 25-30 year old bikes. But never new in the box. Maybe not the “Holy Grail” But damn close!

  • Joe B.

    May GOD bless you for keeping it o.e. Fantastic! 🙂

  • http://www.twosixteen.com/fivetoedsloth/ Scott Loveless

    Thanks, guys. The bike actually belongs to the Harrisburg Bicycle Co-op. It had been stored in a local bakery’s back room or some such since it was originally purchased and then donated to us. Since I’m “the guy who likes to work on road bikes”, they sent it home with me quite a while ago and I just now got around to putting it together. I’ve put 5 or 10 miles on it, and probably within the next few days she’ll be returned to the co-op and eventually passed along to someone who needs a bike. Seeing as I have 5, no 6, maybe 8 if you count the parts bins, I don’t have a “need”.

  • Dan McClellan

    I bought a metallic red version of that bike in 1981 and rode it often through the ’80s and still ride it (in fact rode it 20 miles yesterday). The only non-original component is padded bar tape on top of the original.

    Don’t get me wrong I love my Trek but it’s still a good ride and I get a lot of pained looks from younger guys on modern bikes as they try to show me up. Yes, they generally get past but it costs them!

  • Chris

    I just bought a used version of that bike a few weeks ago! Love the gold detailing.

  • http://www.twosixteen.com/fivetoedsloth/ Scott Loveless

    I figure an update is in order. The NOS Raleigh currently resides at the Harrisburg bike co-op in our special collection of “unique” bikes. In addition to the Raleigh, the collection consists of an all original (and very rusty) pre-war Firestone fat tire bike and a Kabuki Submariner with stainless steel tubes, aluminum lugs and a funky rear disc brake. We couldn’t agree on how to distribute these bikes, so we kinda have a little museum, I guess. To the best of my knowledge I’m still the only person who has ridden the Raleigh.

  • SuicideGirl

    Bought one from this guy on craigslist. Moved out of his house in 1981 and left this blue beauty collecting dust in the shed. In process of a conversion ^__^

  • Teddy-in-Hawaii

    I love the Raleigh Rapide. I worked yard work for one over a year ago and got it stolen soon there after. Sell me this bike! Send it to Hawaiiiiiiii. PLEASE

  • annette

    I was looking for just any bike, for someone who desperately needs transportation, and found this one at thrift store for 13.99. put new innertubes on it, and it rides well. it had been somewhere collecting dust and grime, but cleaned up well.
    do i have a racing bike or something? I knew it was a good find, but don’t know anything about bikes.

  • Ben A

    I have what looks to be this exact same model. This is the only one I’ve been able find online. Do you have any more info on it? I found mine on craigslist in moderate condition. I rode it as is while in college. Working now and considering getting back into good running shape.