• BeaterRezQ

    Scott V.,
    I love it! That’s a whole-lotta bike for ten bucks!!
    The gold accents throughout on a solid black frame, NICE.
    Very unique and one-of-a-kindish—right down to the odd crank/bash guard.
    Any idea of it’s age?

    • Scott V.

      1980 ish? Originally it came with a rear disc brake. The previous owner sold the brake and that is why I got it so cheap. I am a bike flipper and remove most of the decals & clear coat when I clean up my bikes. Bike thieves prefer flashy bikes around here. Still, the bike looks good, kinda like a Lotus F1 car in Black & Gold John Player (British Cigarette Brand) livery. Scott V.

      • BeaterRezQ

        Nice, I was thinking more like 70’s.
        Disc brakes, huh…on a road bike??
        It’s very unique, and bike thieves aren’t as picky out here….suckers!

        • Anonymous

          Disc brakes aren’t just for MTBs anymore: http://www.cyclingnews.com/news/tech-colnago-launch-c59-disc

          So I guess that makes the AMF and other similarly appointed bikes of the era (JCPenny comes to mind) WAY ahead of their time. Back then in was likely the poor braking of steel wheels that caused the feature (and a little splash of novelty). These days is the poor braking of carbon rims that is driving the trend.

          • BeaterRezQ

            If memory serves me, I once contemplated buying an old Gitane road bike that had disc brakes. Don’t recall on both wheels, but I vividly remember a disc brake up front. The bike had to be at least from the 70’s, or earlier.