• Bill

    I still have my red Fuji SPorts 10, purchased for ~$150 in 1977 or 78 when my cheaper 10-speed was stolen from my dad’s garage. I didn’t use it for much for many years while in college and grad school, but for the last ~15 years I ride it maybe 1-4x weekly to work or for fun/exercise. It’s been a great bike, and I only recently replaced the original brake and shift cables. I also had to get a new rear wheel/derailleur and chain a few years ago as the rim was warped (probably hit a curb or something in the distant past) and the gear teeth were worn down. I replaced the original seat early on with a gel saddle as it was not very comfortable.

  • ryan

    I have a red Fuji sports 10 speed as well. My dad told me he bought it new when he got out of the service in 1979 and he thinks he paid $150 or something like that for it.
    Its still a good bike although the 27 inch street tires are cracked and the back rim is bent.

  • John b

    Just bought one for 8.00. Just put new tubes tires on it and Lubed the chain. Works like new.
    I don’t think it has ever been used…
    A lot of bikes are out there…just gotta know where to look…

  • J Hops

    I was walking my dog a found a blue Fuji Sport 10 someone was throwing away. Its was the best dog walk yet!

  • D. Kryst

    I am an original owner of a 1976 Fuji Sport 10 (green) that has the 27″ wheels. My frame has a stamp of “601”. I believe that it is the lug style high tension steel. The Bike is in great shape with all original parts. I do need new tires though. It was my first and best investment in a quality bike.

  • Arev88

    How much do they go now? I am about to get one for $150 (needs tires, tubes, and a good clean up). After all that work how much I can sell it for? Thank you for your time!

  • mdw

    Still looking for my 1978 women’s sport 10….off white/beige. It was stolen and I have never gotten over it…best bike ever. It cost $185….expensive at that time.

  • David

    I own a mens desert white sport 10 ,79′..like new, would like to sell it..