• julie s

    haha Cam,
    Aren’t you glad you are not veticaly challenged? Nice work Sean! I hail originally from Watertown-wish I was there now/just hit 101 here in okc. Whats upwith the fork? Trick of the camera? How is the TOL?

  • julie s

    oops meant vertically-no kittens were harmed in this post.

  • Matt K

    That’s pretty neat–never seen/heard of these bikes before.

  • Ted H

    Add top-tube mounted shift levers to the list of controversial subjects this bike presents!

  • http://www.wrn.com Bob H.

    I feel like one of those Antiques Roadshow appraisers telling someone they paid too much. Tons of these in Madison. I believe they were sold in the seventies in hardware stores.

  • Ben

    I love your shifter placement. It is new to me and I’ve been working in OTSs for years!

  • http://hughsbicycle.blogspot.com Hugh

    I think I have only seen shifters mounted on the top tube like that once before. Great looking colors though. I don`t know that I have ever seen one around here like it. At least it doesn`t look like everyone else`s bike (:

  • Matt

    Eagerly awaiting news of the 71 Fuji.. Any hints as to what it will be or when it will show up?

  • Peter D.

    I’m working on one of those. Has anybody found any touch-up paint in this color. My bike is near mint, but it has couple scratches that I’d like to fix up! Thanks

    • grant

      Take the fork with you to a drugstore or dollar store, any place that has a large selection of nail polishes. They are cheap, and allow you to choose 3 or 4 of the closest matches to the bike’s paint to try out for a nice result. And they even come with their own brush.

  • Bill

    Fork is bent. Really.

    • Cameron

      I’m pretty sure it’s the frame not the fork. 🙂

      • Bill

        Either way something is wrong on there.

  • grant

    I concur. I observe definite fork bendage and I can’t rule out the dreaded downtube hump.

  • http://www.rhythmless-perspective.blogspot.com schmarrick

    Actually i’m pretty sure these were given away as a marketing campaign at one point. Where I live, SFBay, these were supposedly given away in Daily City.


  • http://www.rhythmless-perspective.blogspot.com schmarrick

    O wow, just read your description. I just made a redundant comment. Sick.

  • DarkHorse415

    Sweet Firenze,
    looked liked you kept the old school look of the bike, it looks pretty sweet. been working on mine, on and off for a few months. striped the paint and added new components. trying to figure out how to put some modern campy brakes on, but the reach is not long enough. trying to figure out how to get it to work.
    anyways, once i get mine back together, i’ll try to post it, but it’s only a 5 speed

    ps. love this site, finally a gallery for old bikes, cheers

    • Cameron

      Here’s one idea on the brake reach.