• marc


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      Flip the bars back and it would look a lot like an old Raleigh Super Course, Shae!
      Maybe if you would just SAY you flipped the bars back (even without really doing it), more of us would be content!
      Keep in mind any OTS that could be around 40 years old could have many non-original component ‘upgrades’.
      That being said, I’d guess a cottered steel crank would date an average OTS at no later than the mid-’70’s, but the safety brake levers could put it back into the very late ’60’s. The wingnutted front axle/wheel is likely even older (especially if the rim doesn’t match the rear), since quick release front axles were getting to be common by the very late ’60’s.

      • Shae

        Since the submission couple months ago i’ve flipped the bars. If i’m allowed, I’ll submit another pic to be added to this post with the bars down if yall are interested? 😀

  • laverack

    Run those bars any way you like. Some people may have forgotten, but last time I checked, this is America. Let the nosey cyber neighbors scoff. Power to the people. Oh, nice job!

    • Cameron

      HERE HERE!

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      You’re completely right, laverak! Thanks for reminding us how easy it can be to slide into snobbery. This is the OTSG, after all! Where else in the world are people going to have the freedom to enjoy their great OTS bikes in just about any configuration? NOwhere else, THAT’S where!
      Hey, Shae, there’s still another week before the 4th of July; if you submit another photo, maybe have the Flag as a backdrop, and we’ll all hum the tune of “The Battle Hymn of the Republic”! Uh oh, now I did it: I’m getting nostalgic visions of smiling kids riding their little red-white-and-blue-crepe-paper-decorated bikes down main street in a patriotic parade! We may have our issues, but the USA is still the greatest country on the planet!