• Julie s

    All time well spent! I’d go with a sprung saddle. I have bars like that-Guidons Philippe. Ive also heard them called Friko touring bars/easy on the wrists. Great job!

  • older1

    VERY nice, Shawn; excellent job! Polish just adds so much panache (not to mention the wood fenders)! You certainly built an all-around great bike which you, or your future customer, should enjoy riding!
    Those bars provide a proper reach when combined with longer stems, as compared to moustache bars. “Velo Orange” offers a similar, if not, identical, one at http://store.velo-orange.com/index.php/components/handlebars/vo-belleville-handlebar-23-8-dia.html
    Good recommendation, Julie; an attractive chrome-spring saddle would balance the detail like a bright jewel!

  • Mike

    Nice looking Motobecane,
    digg the wooden fenders – something I might want to try this winter.