• http://creationcast.wordpress.com Jordan

    Nice fix up! I did the same to my dad’s bike several years ago and I’m still riding it. A recent re-interest in cycling led me to googling the le tour IV specs (I’m far too lazy to measure them), and I stumbled upon your site.

    Le tour riders unite!

  • Ken

    I found an old schwinn in my backyard, my landlord said it had been there forever and didn’t want it, so I took it. It had been painted with black spray paint, so I can’t tell what model it is. It has the same bars as your bike, and seeing as how we are both in utah (slc here) I’m wondering if maybe they came from the same shop. I have suntour shifters with shimano altus LT derailers, weinmann rims and brakes. The cranks just say “super maxy” on them. If any of this is familiar I’d love some more info.