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  • Hugh

    I don`t know if I am having a senior moment or what.But I gotta tell you I have no memory of that bike. Is it possible it could be another Hugh from Metro Detroit.
    And if it was me Kelli I appoligize for not
    remembering you.
    Hugh from Highland

  • Kelli

    Hi Hugh,
    Apparently I erroneously assumed there was only one of you in Metro Detroit, but the gentleman I bought the bike from (I couldn’t remember the name obviously) was in Livonia. His yard looked just like yours in the pics, with lots and lots of OTSs.
    A Metro Detroit mystery!

  • victor

    Hi Kelli/Hugh,
    I live in temperance, mi and own a ’76 schwinn traveler. I am interested in fitting my bike with 3pc cranks but i am constantly being told not to bother. Any suggestions on what might work on my bike?