• older1

    Oh, MAN, the description of your TBBFYM was going real good until that last statement, Stephen! Obviously out of my league!
    Anyway, that’s a sharp-looking bike, even with the flat-bar-conversion! Thanks for posting before it turns into an OTS/10!

    The manufacturer definitely limited their market, but they were probably thinking the title “The Best Bicycle for Every Bipedal Creature on the Planet” would have been too pretentious, as well as impossible to prove in court.
    Technically, the tile should have read:
    “The Best Bicycle for Young Men Who Are Able to Read, Comprehend, and Ultimately Acquiesce to Extremely Pretentious and Futile Marketing Claims Written in the English Language”.

  • Stephen C.

    older1, did I mention how heavy this bicycle is, more than 30lbs. The Shimano Eagle derailleur alone is 379g.

    • older1

      Yikes! Okay, Stephen, those specifications should give your bike an honored status in the OTSG!
      Maybe Cameron should start a HOTS (Heavy Old Ten Speed) Gallery to distinguish the qualified from all the other run-of-the-mill OTS postings!
      On second thought a HOTS search may direct the unsuspecting to undesireable destinations, so maybe not!
      Anyway, I like your bike and thanks for the submittal. I continue to enjoy and be amazed at the endless manufacturers that show up here!

  • George

    Wow, that rear fender is…truly amazing. Form over function, anyone

    • older1

      Not that it applies here, but typically,
      bobbing the rear fender is a common technique applied to competition vehicles to reduce overall weight and reduce aerodynamic turbulence at elevated speeds without incurring official disqualification from a wider variety of sanctioned event classifications.
      That being said, a missing, or in this case, truncated, rear fender, while limiting it’s original design function, has the practical feature to allow LBS staff, for instance, to efficiently maneuver a bike in tight quarters on its rear wheel, from one display area to another.