• edh

    It is fantastic, you got to love Schwinns.

    • Steve

      Thanks “edh”, I love this ride, hated to see it go, but at least I made sure it went to a good home . . .

  • laverack

    Pretty rig! How much does Olan Mills charge for bike portrait packages?

    • Steve

      I’m pretty lucky!! My wife has a photography studio here at the house!! Free!!!

  • mike

    The Traveler is a sweet machine, I have an 84, first bike I bought as an adult. Sill completly original and fun to ride

  • http://yahoo.com daz 27

    I currently just got a hold of a shwinn traveler, it is all original and everything works great. I actualy just got back from ridding it, im wondering how much it is worth.

  • http://yahoo.com daz 27

    I would love for someone to tell me , I mean it reallyis a nice bike.

    • Steve

      Post a picture, give us some info. As I said, I paid $30 for this one, but it looked NOTHING like it does in these pics!! I’m pretty sure I sold it for $250, but it was truly a labor of love! I actually cleaned and waxed every tiny part and every tiny crevice. It was truly beautiful!! What yours is worth is open to some interpretation, post some pics and info and maybe someone can help.

  • http://www.facebook.com/a1capricorn3 Thomas Becker

    on face book there is one for sale $30.00

  • deedee

    I’m currently still using my traveler! Have this exact model and use it to race in triathlons!