• http://doohickie.blogspot.com Doohickie

    Looks a lot like my Olympic 12 that I crashed about a year ago and bent the frame. Bittersweet to see it.

  • Joseph B.

    Paint still looks good. I noticed the saddle (seat) is all the way down though. This bike fit you OK?

  • Steve H.

    I could almost ride it comfortably with the seat at that height. Getting on and off was quite a problem though. It’s now owned by someone who can actually ride it.

  • Pfaff

    Was the guy who can actually ride it named Manute?

  • http://doohickie.blogspot.com Doohickie

    I’m 6′-2″ and my Olympic 12 was the same size as that… and fit like a glove.

  • http://oldtenspeedgallery.com The Ten-Speed Dreamer


    By “glove” do you mean this or this?

  • http://doohickie.blogspot.com Doohickie

    Both. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Ian T.

    whats a century like that worth?

  • od

    I’ve been trying to find a new fork for mine its the same model but i cant seem to find one anywhere. Where did you look for yours?

  • tracee

    do u still have the bike?