• mark lapakko

    Batavus built nice bikes. I’ve sold a couple of these. Mine were Shimano equipped. Fell into the period of both Japanese and Euro bikes imported in numbers into the U.S. (mid-late 70s) All the Batavuses I’ve rebuilt still had good grease. They didn’t skimp on lubrication. This model makes a sweet single. The “Tour l’Europe” is a bit fancier model which I’d love to find in my size. Coolest headbadge ever too…

  • bill

    Steve. Nice bike! I would love to be a member of this forum but there is no place to “Register”. I can “Log In”, no! Wait! I’m not “Registered”! Any assistance you can give to me would be greatly appreciated. I started to “rescue” old ten speeds, etc.

    • Cameron

      Bill, you aren’t required to register in order to comment, your first comment under using a unique email address is held in a pending state until i approve it. Any comments using the same email thereafter will post immediately. If you do care to register, email me via the address on the “Submit an Old Ten Speed” page and I will be happy to register you as a user.

      Thanks for visiting

  • bill

    Thanks Steve, I appreciate your quick reply. I just picked up, “rescued”, a Windsor Carrera Sport and a girls Fugi Gran Sport. Thanks again. I can’t wait to spend some time on this site.

  • Steve

    Thanks guys, I actually ended up selling that one, I wish I had the funds to keep a large collection but I just don’t so I buy and sell and keep an everchanging fleet with one or two keepers in it.

    I did buy the guys wifes Batavus and I’ll submit that soon, my 12 year old son worked it off and owns it now and I just picked up a gorgeous Gitane Tour de France that just needs fresh pics for submission.

    • older1

      That’s a nice, old Batavus, Steve! It’s great to see an OTS survive the decades in such good condition!
      You’re fortunate to find quality old bikes, and other folks who value them enough to buy them. Keep up the good work!

  • Doug W.

    Nice one! I have brake levers just like that on my current commuter. They came from my early 70’s Raleigh Record.

  • Ron Ohlenkamp


    I have one just like yours, except mine is burgandy and the front fork has been replaced. I bought mine used for my 15th birthday. It’s hanging in the garage and ready to ride! I have kept it indoors and well maintained these 31 years now, and I love it. For me, it has memories (and scratches, bumps, bruises) that can’t begin to reflect all the wonderful miles I’ve spent on it. I have a high end Grant road bike, but I never feel 16, 24, 33 or even 41 years old on it. It makes me smile every time I ride it.
    Ron Ohlenkamp

    • Jon

      So miss my Batavus. Purple/Burgundy from 1975. It was very nimble and lightweight for those days. Haven’t found a comparable ever since

      • ronohlenkamp

        Jon, my post is 11 years old, if you’re interested, I still have it in really good shape. It hangs in my garage for the very occasional ride. I would sell it for $500.00 (probably overpriced, but I’ve owned it for 43 years and purchased it from original owner Dale Conradi who is a Euro bicycle aficionado) and you would have to pay shipping. I bought it on July 22nd, 1977.
        Ron Ohlenkamp

  • Vance

    Don’t know if this forum is still going. Just picked up one of these bikes on the side of the road being tossed out. In excellent condition. Needs are in tires and a little cleaning. Paint is immaculate under a light layer of dust. Also picked up a Dr. Pepper and a ZX Power Climber Mountain Bike, all in excellent condition, few if any scratches, not that I have seen so far, and all put out to be picked up by the local trash. I will be doing checks every year for bikes now….