• Dennis

    A 1978 in Pearl Orange looks great Steve!

  • Steve

    I thought it was a 77′? But then, I certainly don’t qualify as a “schwead”, (yet)! Can’t wait to get my other ots’ on here too! Cool Site!!

  • Shane Pennington

    Thats it! Thats my bike! Well, almost. My bike is identical to this one. It is also a 78′ Pearl Orange Le Tour III. However, it is an unusual height. About 54″ off the ground to the top bar. One of my dad’s bikes is completely identical to this. If I knew how to work my digital camera program, I’d definitly post it, and will soon. I went to last year’s Gratiot Cruise on my bike and got more compliments on it than my dad got on his truck. I absolutely adore my bike and have no intention of getting rid of it anytime soon 🙂

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  • http://bhschultzes.blogspot.com Mike Schultz

    Do you have any leads on how to secure a new crank for the Schwinn LeTour 3? I have one EXACTLY like your picture – but it has a bent crank.