• Alex K

    Im thinking it is british. Looks like one of the lower-end raleigh’s. The lugs and headset are very reminiscent of the late taiwan made sports.

  • http://OldTenSpeedGallery Wooden Shoe Biker

    Very nice color. It appears Japanese to me. I just bought a Montgomery Ward 10 speed 1976 on ebay for $5.99 shipping will be 69 however. Have not received it yet. I hope it is not as heavy as my stolen 1976 Schwinn Varisty school bus yellow. I think it will be a candidate for fixie and maybe some ridicule? Thanks Ed will post after receiving it and polishing before wrenching around with it.

  • Hugh

    Nice find. and a Great price too! I`m not going to say anything about the saddle choice.Because I`m older and wiser now. But you might want to consider a vintage BROOKS leather road saddle.

  • Steve

    Definetly the Brooks! Honey with some sort of matching handlebar tape. Pics were taken right after I got it home so they’re just as I got it! I’m in the process of cleaning and polishing, replacing and tuning, etc. etc. Will post before and after pics but it’ll be a while. Got a wild hair to take my Dremel and polish and disassemble everything!! Rear derailleur is back together, front is almost done and will be together soon, but it’s incredibly time consuming!! I figure if I do every screw, nut, bolt etc. it’ll look great!! All the aluminum parts look like chrome when they’re done and the chromed parts get naval jelly then polished. It should look BETTER than new! Like I said, it’s just extremely time consuming to get that detailed, but it’ll be worth it!

  • Cal Sale


    This is a vintage Suncrest the was offered through the Suncrest Bike Shops at you local DX station in the 1970’s. DX owned Suncrest at the time. This model was actually called the Suncrest Eagle and was offered in 1976 for one year only. It is quite rare. I have one. I worked in the Suncrest Bike Shop in the 1970’s. It was bought out by Fuji in 1977. That is how Fuji got to use the name Suncrest. At the time the Eagle was the top of the line bike that Suncrest sold.

    • Uncanny Sarah

      Yep. I had this bike because my dad had a DX station. I never knew why he suddenly opened a bike store. I got the blue one, which retailed for $200, when my brother left for college. I’d had the women’s which was a white/platinum and sold for $175. The bike shop never did well and I don’t think my dad kept it open long. He wanted the space for car stuff, but he died in ’77, and we closed the whole station not long after.

  • Cal Sale


    Your seat is not the original. It originally had a English black leather racing seat on it…

  • Cal Sale

    A correction to my previous post. I looked and the Suncrest Eagle came out in 1977-78. The DX Bike Shops closed in the fall of 1978 after Fuji bought them out. Sorry it has been a long time and I got my years mixed up.

    • Steve


      Thanks for all the info!!! So, this was a decent bike than? It appeared to be when I got it home. It’s fairly light for a ride from that time period, with what appears to be some mid-range, semi-decent parts. I actually really like it and intend on making it my cruiser, but other projects have held up progress. As stated previously, the dremel and some aluminum wheel polish really do make the parts shine better than new, but the time to disassemble, polish, and reassemble is crazy!! (I really am doing every nut, bolt, washer, etc.) I still think when it’s done it’ll be worth it and look great! Anyway, any other/additional info you might have would be fantastic!! I looked/posted on several sites and no one could tell me anything about it so I truly appreciate your help, many many thanks!!

  • Andy Martin

    That is a very cool bike. I am envious.

  • Bruce

    I have the exact same bike! Picked it up at a yard sale about 20 years ago also for just a few bucks. I am not bike expert, but have always enjoyed riding, and was impressed with the Suncrest II’s light weight and ultra smooth ride. After all these years the rims are still clean and straight. I’m afraid I did a bad thing, however. I replaced the Ram’s horn handlebars with a straight so I can sit up and ride, and also replaced the original seat with a softy. Still have the original brakes, peddles, and paint, however. Just a beautiful light green/blue. Hope you enjoy yours as much as I have, Steve!

  • Laurie

    I have one of these Suncrest II bikes that has been sitting in an older man’s garage outside of Philadelphia and he says it was never used. The outside of the tire stripe is dry rotting/flaking a bit and I’m sure it needs a tune up but everything is original. How much do you think I could sell it for? And, where do you think I should try selling it? Local Facebook groups? Craig’s List? eBay? I’m selling it for him. Thanks for any help! – Laurie