• Rstrait7288

    I would use “disraeli gears” web site to date the Raleigh sprite 10…

  • julie s.

    From Sheldon’s RR site-F=1971. Sure shined up! I’ve never seen those type of pedals. Good job btw.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1619264304 Darrell Yarborough

    Probably late seventies with Suntour components. A very nice bike. Sprites are the under-appreciated 5-10 speed counterparts of the more popular Sports.

  • Hugh

    That is a wonderful color combination! The two tone head-tube looks fantastic. You might want to consider looking for a vintage Brooks touring saddle (springer) It would really finish off the bike nicely.

  • Claudio_v

    Very sharp bike. I just acquired a 1974, or possibly 1984 (serial # RN4=Canada, Oct. of _4) Sprite, but 12 speed,and cannot find any info. on 12 speeds. Perhaps the owner added a cog? Range is from 14-34. Chainrings are 49/40.

  • Javaride

    Sorry to take so long posting again!! Work can really just get the best of you! You all make me wish I’d kept the Sprite, and I probably should have, but I had an “offer I couldn’t refuse”…. Alas it was very sharp, and clean, and I’ll probably never find another even remotely close to it, but turning it allowed me the freedom to stumble upon an old Raleigh Grand Prix, made in the old Gazelle – Dutch factory… perhaps my next post. If anyone can tell me where to find more info on those that would be awesome???

  • Lz

    Your Raleigh Sprite-10 is in mint condition and gorgeous. I can tell this post is old but for what it’s worth here is some of the information you request.

    “Sprite-10 Durable enough for commuting, lightweight enough for recreation. Combines 10-speed versatility with 3-speed comfort. With Sun Tour gearing system that makes shifting easy. Convenient alloy carrier. Comfortable quilted saddle. Colors: Metallic Brown and Emerald Green. Also available in Ladies’ mixte frames. Raleigh, Raleigh Bicycles. Parts and Accessories. TI Raleigh (USA) Inc./1170 Commonwealth Avenue/Boston, MA 02134
    copyright 1980 pg.14”