• Juhas

    Hey, I had this problem in my Aldo Cadenazzi, try to use any lubrictaion and rust remover and lube it again in these places:http://img186.imageshack.us/my.php?image=stevenascotvornado05.jpg

  • julie s

    Not a first to be sure. The chain is only going thru the one pulley…looks like the top one. Should be like an “s”. Pick a pic of one online to copy. If its real old there may be a funny looking washer that inserts into the drop out to keep the thing positioned (it will have one flat side) Good luck with that, you can do it Steve! Nice find for $20.

  • Steve D


    Thanks for posting and thanks for comments. I had figured out my problem and had to rotate the thing that has two gears on it clockwise. I believe that it what you told me to do as well. Anyway, I bought some new brake pads as well since then and have been enjoying my fully inflated tires. Thank you again and love the site.

  • Mark G

    Slack chain happened to me too! I disassembled, cleaned, and reattached- then no chain tension. Two hours of tinkering later, it dawned on me to rotate the body of the derailleur. Talk about frustration. Anyway…love the bike, especially the pea green and brown color scheme- very retro. Enjoy the ride!

  • Hugh

    A trick I use from time to time is to take a pic with my cell phone for future reference. Also Park tool has an excellent section on bike repairs. And of course there is always old ten speed gallery. Be careful seeking out old ten speeds for restoration can be very addicting! Good Luck