• BeaterRezQ

    Now that I see it, those pictures that I sent in aren’t the clearest.
    Other than the small sticker on the seat tube that says Made in Japan for Schwinn Bicycles Chicago, and the few Schwinn approved parts–you would never really know that this is in fact a Schwinn. These bikes did not use any of the Schwinn headbadges, but donned the “World” headbadge instead, and were never featured in any catalog.
    I find this to be very interesting, but then–I’m a bike nerd.

  • Ryan Surface

    Interesting that with the $$$ they saved outsourcing the couldn’t drop the one piece boat anchor..er,,, crank with a nice 3 piece crank. I have run across a few Japanese built Schwinn’s and they are sure pretty. Nice world Traveler BRQ.

  • BeaterRezQ

    I hear you about the one piece crank, but I’m sure that Schwinn called all the shots concerning the builds–whether World or Giant.
    Ty, BRQ

  • BeaterRezQ

    Here’s what the original headbadge looked like. Mine did not retain the orange colors after 40 years but still looks nice.

  • Trailer Park Cyclist

    Schwinn Power, Baby! And Panasonic rules! A few years ago when I was still rich I had Panasonic everything: stereo, big screen, cordless tools, bulldozer, toothbrush, toaster; you get the idea.

    Now it’s just my darlin. ’81 Super leTour. I still brush my teeth, but I have to do it by hand. Other than that, being poor ain’t all that bad.

    Kickin’ ass, Beater! Keep ’em coming!

    • BeaterRezQ

      thanks for your kind words!
      “having to brush your own teeth by hand”–lol–you have it real bad, don’t you?
      I’ve recently come across two Super Le Tours–nice rides.
      Currently, I am dealing with a gent on a Centurion that was a joint venture with Cinelli and appropriately equipped. See how that turns out?
      Like I tell my Little Lady..” It’s only ten dollars, heck I won’t go to McDonalds or Taco Bell this week.” (seems to work most of the times)

  • http://www.tonypersons.com/ Tony

    Coming back from lunch today I saw two yellow bikes sitting next to someone’s trash so I pulled over. I had to pay $10 to pull them out of the guys trash, but they were both 71 Schwinns, so I figured what the hell.
    My google search led me to your page, so I thought I’d share my photos. You can see the badge still has the red on it. It’s quite nice.

    • BeaterRezQ

      Dude! I need to check my neighbor’s trash cans and dumpsters more often.
      What a find, and in very good shape I might add.
      Originally, my Traveler came with drop bars–and like the first thing that I traded out immediately.
      Also, I had more of a “road bike type” seat on my Traveler….the one pictured is not original, but very close and of a similar vintage.
      You lucky dog!