• John =)

    Where can I find brake levers like that, I’ve been wanting to add a right side position for the flats of my drop bars?

  • BeaterRezQ

    the brake levers that I chose to use rather than go out and buy inline brakes that are sold at most LBS, and by far made to last forever (if weight is not a big issue)—were common on most touring type bikes of the 60’s, 70’s that did not use drop bars. I recycle all the time, standard issue and can be found in both aluminum and steel. Schwinn gold dot brake levers are coveted and a nice addition to any resto’. Shimano makes a nice set out of aluminum with a red dot. (see Sears Brittany)

    • john h

      Thanks, recently started restoring an old bmx bike from my youth that has those same style levers. Funny how you forget details like that, another benefit of messing about with old bikes. Congrats on the win. I hear your wife, I get the same thing here too and I’m not even buying new parts… =)

      • BeaterRezQ

        thanks for your kind words and good luck restoring your ol’ bmx.

        Here’s one that I restored recently, then donated to the underprivileged for Christmas 2011.

  • BeaterRezQ

    *Concerning Winning OTSOTM for November 2011:

    I would like to thank GOD, OTS, bikers all around the world, my fans (you six rock!)
    Cameron–for not barring me from this room, yet…Mom,Dad…Arnold & Schwinn, Lance (not him, the one from Performance), and a big-huge-heartfelt-nod/hug to my little lady for not throwing me/my bikes out the door!

    …and yes Dear, I promise not to buy one more new part for that old bike!”

  • BeaterRezQ

    …scouts honour!