• BeaterRezQ

    Susan W., if it passes the road test and fits you like it should–I would definitely put some money and time into the ol’ 76 Fuji. A. The bike was never a department store “put-together”. B. A 76 Fuji was likely made in Japan, and though a bit heavy it should have a very nice ride. If you are handy with a wrench go to a used bookstore and find an older manual that covers this era of bike, it should cost a whole $5-$10. A bike co-op can help you out with free advice and oftentimes free instruction if you do the work. Lastly, if money is no object–the local bike shop can set you up with needed maintenance or talk you into buying something new.
    Good luck, BRQ

  • Ryan S.

    Susan, first off I would echo the wise BRQ’s comments. As for background on the bike I would go to the excellent Classic Fuji web site http://www.classicfuji.com/. it would appear from a quick check that if this is a 1976 its most likely a Gran Tourer (http://www.classicfuji.com/1976_11_GranTourer.htm) based on color and components. For fixing it up I would go google; Sheldon Brown, Mytenspeeds and Hugh’s bicycle blog all excellent resources for working on an old 10 speed bicycle.