• Nathan

    WOW! My girlfriend has a beautiful British racing green Western Flyer 3-speed she got for $40. Must be the magic number. I’d submit it but it’s only got three on the tree.

    I’ve been looking for a Western Flyer made bike to match her’s forever. I’ve never even heard of a Western Flyer drop bike/ten speed. I have to say I’m pretty much jealous. I’d buy it off you if I had more than $40. But I don’t.

  • Dan

    I had an orange W. Flyer 10-speed years ago, it was just some junker I picked up and then let go of but it seems to me that it was a lug frame. I see all kinds of weird Flyers around here, maybe because KC was the company’s HQ for many years. I worked for WA for a while in the early ’90’s but they were out of the bike biz by then.

  • Bryan

    I have this exact same bicycle. Same color and all.
    I converted it to a single speed and put a Brooks saddle on it. But it is an exact match for what I bought in a pawn shop in Georgia.

  • Roger

    I bought this same exact bike yesterday, an old man had it and never rode it so it’s pretty mint. paid $30 for it which i am stoked about. Does anyone know when these were made?