• Hugh

    Beautiful bike, I don`t think I have ever seen a Schwinn Superior before. Were these
    built for a short time? Definitely not a model you run across often. What a treasure
    Great Find, Hopefully a future “Ten Speed of the Month”

  • Dennis

    The Superior{sport} was offered in 62-63 and replaced by the Super Sport in 64. The Superior for 1962 was just 135 dollars and the Paramount line-up for 175 dollars.

  • Jeff

    The Superior was one of the nicest brazed frames from the era. The triple chainring is odd in that it looks to be something like a 52/48/40 which does really bring much range, but very, very rare in the steel Schwinn crank.

    The quick release nut on the rear is not original, as plastic ones were much later.

  • http://www.wrn.com Bob H.

    Beautiful bike, certainly worth hanging on to for restoration, I think. That triple chainring is interesting.

  • J. Valentin

    Best Schwinn I ever saw! But, the fork looks kinda “straight” – has it taken a hit? Or is it the angle of the pic…

  • Jeff

    J. Valentin, Notice that the top tube is bowed near the head tube. I expect that the down tube is correspondingly bent as well.

  • J. Valentin

    Jeff; sorry, I tend to look (devour!) at the pics so I missed out on your written message. Yes, it looks like a sloping tube from head and backwards.

  • j. seeger

    Just curious…is it rideable that way? What is the fixing procedure like? Assume steel can be bent back.

  • Tomshiba

    Are you considering “cold” bending the frame back to shape? The tape looks new. Is. it? Nice color. Nice to see the forerunner of the Super Sport. This is just like archeology!

  • Phil Orwick

    Very nice!! I just acquired a 62 Radiant Gold Superior frame and fork. Could you send me the various components, wheels, etc. on the bike? I’d like to do it up as original as possible. I’m coveting your triple…don’t know where I’ll ever find one of those!!!