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    I don’t want to be harsh with you, personally, Timothy, but here’s my two cents from living in lawsuit-happy USA: remove, discard, or better yet, destroy, and replace them with even-less-crappy, ‘real’ stamped steel sheet metal ones you can easily scavenge from millions of older Huffy/Murray/Columbia/Free Spirit ten speeds. I don’t think anyone would give you a hard time for not using original parts during restoration.

    In fact, I wouldn’t attempt to repair any important bike parts, especially those made of cheap plastic (like the BRAKE assembly, for crying out loud, HUFFY, what the heck were they thinking; were they trying to kill off their customers?).

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      Sure enough; check out the recall from the cpsc:

      “PROBLEM: Affected bicycles have a defect that may cause the plastic hand brake levers to break during use. If the lever breaks, the rider could fail to stop and fall from the bicycle. The bicycles also fail to meet the Federal Bicycle Standard that requires the hand brake levers to withstand a force up to 100 pounds.”

  • Timothy J

    Good advice. I have replaced the levers with some vintage Dia Compe aluminum ones that don’t look as smart as the black plastic ones but they will work without breaking. The alternative I guess was only allowing someone with a maximum of 99 lbs of hand strength to use the bike. That’s a joke son, Ah say, Ah say that’s a joke.

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      That’s great, Timothy! You could just give them a shot of flat black, but it’s probably more trouble than it’s worth.
      Actually, I was half expecting you to try to call Huffy, as suggested in the recall (if the number is still active), just to see their reaction!
      “WHAT TO DO: Consumers who have an affected model should call the Huffy Bicycle Company at 888-366-3828 for free replacement brake levers”