• Harv

    Re. the Shimano Eagle rear derailleur, I had a bike equipped with one of these around 1971, so the source of the 1974 date is incorrect. This bike is what I call a UJBBTS. A Universal Japanese Bike Boom Ten Speed. Mine had a head badge reading, “Premium”. I bought mine from an LBS, but cheaper versions (Cadmium instead of Chrome plating, and lesser quality components) were sold by auto parts and department stores with various head badges. This is called “Badge Engineering” in motorcycle circles. Similar to what is extant today with UTFs (Universal Taiwanese Frames)

  • connor lowry

    I belive this bike is a huffy super 10.I have one very similar it has shimano lark 333 rear deraiurs and thunderbird front derailurs.

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  • dihummer

    Todd, I have this same bicycle, except mine has a headbadge.
    The headbadge is black “S” and white “S” intermixed, simpsons sears, MADE IN JAPAN.
    This logo was the Simpson Sears of Canada logo from 1964 to early 1970, when their logo changed.
    My serial number is 27455 Z569966. I have seen pictures of at least 2 others.
    None has any other markings or decals on the frame. Just headbadge and serial number.
    Before “Free Spirit”?

    I have tried to find out which Japanese manufacturer supplied the bikes, but no luck.

  • seba7711

    this is “ROMET Tyler” made in Poland;)

  • Virgil Fulton

    Appears to be a Simpson/Sears bicycle from the boom years. Japan made frame.

  • dihummer

    Todd. The 27455 is a Sears number and the remainder is the bicycle serial number. The serial number is for a frame manufactured by Miyata of Japan. The “Z” at the start is for the year 1971. Who new that a Simpsons-Sears bike could be a Miyata?