• Joe B.

    You stated, “I no longer feel the need to compete with the rich guys who spend thousands and up on bikes. I just put on some baggy shorts and go ride!” WELCOME BACK! 🙂

  • MaryL

    Glad to hear you like the bike. My older sister bought one back in the mid 70’s. Being a “little sister” I just had to have one exactly like her’s. We both bought & paid for them ourselves…olive green just like in the picture. I road the heck out of that bike. Used it a lot in college & working at the Jersey shore in Wildwood during the late 1970’s summers. We both hung on to them, although she “upgraded” a bit with others. After many years in my mother’s garage, I finally brought her back to live with me. I think I was told .. “Get that bike out of the garage before I give it to the garbage man.”)She spent MORE years living in the back of my garage.(Probably wasn’t ridden for over 20 years.) Last summer I got the urge to ride. Thought I’d go buy a nice, new bike…but when I saw what a casual – inexpensive bike cost and all the plastic type pieces on it, I kind of cringed. Plus – “What would I do with my old one? Couldn’t give her away…that would be like giving away a 30 year old pet!”
    You guessed it, I cleaned her up…and now she is as pretty as ever. Just took her riding down by the Mississippi River this weekend. As a big bunch of “weekend bikers” on there flashy bikes, wearing oh-so-tight outfits pasted me by I didn’t even bat an eye. My girl has been around longer, I’ve had some great times on her…and now I am planning to have even more.
    Enjoy that 10 speed. Treat her well and she’ll be good to you.

  • CB Michaels

    Tom & Mary (commenter) –

    Really enjoyed reading your stories. I just picked up a similar looking Eurosport from the local Goodwill and it seems like a great bike (and /heavy!/) Cheers to you both. 🙂