• Matt

    Very nice. Hopefully a blue one will be gracing my collection eventually.

    • nick

      i have no clue if your actually going to read this but i have a blue 1973 fuji the finest bicycle with some handle bar rust damage and seat damage but it is all original everything with the exception of the foot pedal things missing from it. if you would like to enquire about this bike please contact me at aaron366us@yahoo.com thank you.

  • http://hughsbicycle.blogspot.com Hugh

    That is one good looking Fuji.Reminds me of a Schwinn
    Paramount. I hope I run across one of these someday. Or
    a Schwinn Paramount with the chrome lug work. That is such a cool look.

  • Rnad1

    I have one of these too! Swapped the Ukai sew ups for Mavic clinchers. I used to ride TOSRV in the 1980’s and saw quite a few blue ones but only one other white. They were always in the front of the ride! Lotsmof great memories.