• http://hughsbicycle.blogspot.com Hugh

    That is so cool. I restored one identical to yours a while back. They are fantastic bikes. Very cool that you have the Fujita Leather Saddle. Great find!

  • Bricknd

    Love this bike. I had one that looked about the same back in the late 70’s. I owed a friend $95.00 for a borrowed deposit and gave him my Fuji, my baby, when I got a job in Texas and had to clear my debts. I’ll find another just like it some day.
    Nice bike!

  • jeff brooks

    hello today june 18 2010,i bought the same blue fuji dynamic 10,it has a different seat,rear rack,kick stand,neede some cleaning a few scuffs, tires a bit brittle but original still hold good air,been riding all day already,bought from original owner down the street at garage sale for 25 dollars,great bike i love old bikes.

  • Mitch

    Very cool – I purchased this bike in 1975 and rode it for years! Loved it!

  • Dan Kirchner

    20 bucks out da doh ! orig tires aired up and are holding pressure -has a stout front rack on it 2 -just in time my walmart 29’r is ready to implode ..