• Bill


    I used to have the men’s version of this bike. I could not remember who made it though. Thanks for posting this!

  • Dan B.

    Great bike! How does the quick shift work?

    • older1

      It would have to be a push-me-pull-you type of system, since rear derailleurs upshift, and front derailleurs downshift, by relaxing spring tension. I think I have that right, anyway.
      I can’t imagine how synchronised, simultaneously-controlled derailleur postions could be accurately adjusted or precisely engaging, which is probably why it was a short-lived option.

  • edh

    Very cool, I never saw anything like that shifter set up!

  • http://haguester.posterous.com/ Bob H.


  • Taylor Adam Brost

    I currently have the men’s version of this bicycle that I pulled out of my parents garage and I am thinking about having it tuned up/fully repaired new tires and tubes etc. Any idea what it is worth?