• David Crabtree

    is it feasible/possible to service the bottom bracket on a mid 70’s raleigh super record 10 speed without removing the cranks. the lock ring comes off easily and the raised part of the cup retainer looks like maybe a 5/8 or so wrench might fit it. I’ve got grease and wrenches and no crank puller but I’m not sure about removing the bottom bracket without pulling the cranks. Any insight?

  • http://oldtenspeedgallery.com The Ten-Speed Dreamer

    In my opinion, you should just purchase a crank puller and do it that way. http://www.performancebike.com/shop/profile.cfm?SKU=703&subcategory_ID=4207

    • Ed

      Hey, ‘fraid that link no longer works. Do you know what crank puller works on this? Is it standard 22mm x 1? My Park crank puller doesn’t seem to fit, but it could be the threads have been trashed on this old grand prix I’ve got.

  • Elizabeth Williams

    My Husbands Grand Prix Raleigh just got totaled (he’s ok) and we want to replace it. I think it was circa 1978 just like yours. Any suggestions?

  • Lee

    I just recently purchased that bike in a poor condition (71′ raleigh) and am repainting it to it’s former glory. I was wondering if you knew if it’s possible to find a sealed bottom bracket that will fit this bike. Any information on the bottom bracket would help (threading, size)

  • Andrew Jaeger

    I recently JUST bought this same model bike; however, not in as good of condition as this one… however, I needed to replace the brake lines, and I ran into a problem…I am not sure where to find the same brake housing stops that go into the brake levers (I believe the orginal ones on this bike are white.) Any help on where to find some that will fit the hole on these levers? Thanks.


  • firenbones

    A guy in Southern California has a Grand Prix on craigslist for $500. Yours blows his away.

  • Keith Parker

    I also just purchased one of these beauties from it’s original owner!

    It’s in great condition, few minor scratches (mainly from being shuffled around the garage). Only thing I need to do is replace the freewheel (I have another anyway) and a new chain.

    It had it’s original front tyre on it, but it was so badly perished I couldnt bring myself to use it, but other than that, (and the brooks b-72 leather seat) it’s 100% stock!

    It’s going to be my daily transport to work! 🙂

  • Bryan

    Very envious here. I had a new Grand Prix back in 1980 (college days). It was my only transportation back then. I rode 20-30 miles a day just going to school and work. Would have given my right arm for a car then but now I think I’d give my car to have that bike back. The right bike becomes an extension of you. Maybe it’s nostalgia or just missing the ride but probably a little of both. Enjoy your bike.She’s a beauty. 🙂

  • Rory

    Hey I just picked up a 79 grand prix, Im trying to replace the seat post but it does not say what size, I think its 25.4 do you happen to know the seat post size?

    • ralph

      i don’t know, but it is non-standard – it is about a mm smaller than what it should be

    • Ed

      Yes, it’s 1 inch (25.4mm). I found an old grand prix frame in the trash and turned it into a fixed gear. The only seat post I had that fit was from my 6 year old’s Schwinn. Finally bought a new 1 inch seat post for it and it fits just right.

  • Ralph

    i just took my 1978 grand prix on a 450 mile ride down the Oregon-California coast loaded up with 45 pounds of gear on panniers. Could have used a lower gear for the hills, but it more than held its own against the $2000 Cannondales/Treks that i ran into on the road. I bought it for about $175 in 1977. Photo available on request.

  • Ralph

    also – am looking into changing out 42 tooth smaller front gear ring with a 36 tooth – any idea of how to do so? What i need is the bolt circle dimension for the front ring gear. (dimension from the center of the crank to the center of one of the five mounting bolts)
    any help out there?

  • Marty

    I have a Raleigh 10 speed bicycle that I bought new back in the late 1960’s when I had worked at a bike shop putting together bikes. I had to put together 10-10 speed bikes a day in order to make $8.00 a day which was GREAT MONEY for a 12 year old boy in Miami. My question is how can I tell what year the bike was made, because I’m not sure if I was 10,11 or 12 years old at the time? The bike is a Raleigh Grand Prix in a Metalic Burgundy & I’m thinking on selling it & if anyone has any idea of a ball park figure on its value. On a scale of 1 to 10 I would rate it as a strong “8”, everything works great & it’s all original, the only thing it needs is tires due to age and dry crack. The bike has always been kept inside out of the weather & never rode in the rain, my mom would not let me, lol! Any information would be great, thank you & have a GREAT 2009! Marty

  • david

    hey all,

    i’m really new to cycling of vintage bikes. i just got an old carlton circuit off my dad, and was browsing craigslist over the weekend and found a ’77 Grand Prix on the free stuff pages, so i grabbed it.

    im just curious what this bike would sell for, (tho i’m keeping it) just wondering what sort of deal i got.

    thanks 🙂

  • jim goode

    Looking to buy a 1978 Raleigh Grand Prix.

  • Richard Parker

    I have a 1978 Blue Raleigh Grand Prix I’m interested in selling. It has been used very little; I bought it from my brother back in 1980 and rode it only a few short times since then. Has Sun Tour equipment.

  • Rich Stewart

    Love these old Raleighs. I still have the Grand Prix I bought new in 1977. This is an oddball question, but does anyone know a source for the screws (bolts?) used to fasten on the original rear rack? (It was off for many years to make room for a baby seat.) I understand Raleigh used their own proprietary threading at Nottingham, and if it’s not too nutty and impractical, I’d rather find Raleigh hardware than have the mounting hole rethreaded.

  • E.

    I have an Original ’76 Raleigh Grand Prix. Its a deep red/burgandy color. All stickers and markings perfect. (I use to wax it)!
    I would love to show a picture. As soon as I get a digital camera. Great to see people appreciate the vintage bikes still. Unfortunately I may have to part with it due to moving. Glad I found this site, made my day.

  • shaffer

    i realize i’m a bit behind on this post – but i just rescued a white grand prix (in not so great condition), and i want to restore as much as possible. the freewheel is in great condition except for what i think is a pawl spring missing – anyone able to provide info on free make/model (5spd) and/or where i can get replacement parts?

  • Ed

    The freewheel is likely Sun-Tour, see if you have a Sun-Tour derailleur. It comes off with the Park FR-2 remover.

    You might try Harris (harriscyclery.com) for parts, but you’re probably better off just replacing the freewheel. Should be only 20-30 bucks. More: http://sheldonbrown.com/freewheels.html

  • Jalponik

    I have this same bike. Bought new in 78. Still use it. It’s my favorite bike of 6 I own, Still in great shpe, minor pitting in the chrome forks and typical chips on bottom bar. But not in as original as this one! Your’s is great, hope you enjoy it!.

  • Michael

    I was amazed to see the condition of Tom’s bike. I have the same model and color/decals – and have owned it since 1981. My Grand Prix has taken me on numerous adventures and many great rides over the years. One memorable event was a Five Borough Bike Tour in NY City with my son on a kiddie carrier in back saying “go faster Daddy,” each time I started climbing a hill….

  • Jim

    I have had this same blue Raleigh Gran Prix for 33 years. I bought it for $175 in 1977 in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. At the time, it was my first taste of freedom. I used to ride it ten hours a day.

    Unfortunately, I don’t still have the white handlebar tape on it! It is so cool to see Tom’s bike in great condition with every sticker in place. What else lasts 33 years and gives so much joy?

  • Ken

    Just purchased a Super Course Mark II knowing that in the day the Super Course was a step up from the Grand Prix”. In the day, a neighbor had a 78 Grand Prix and I always loved that bike. This was a nice sight to find seeking this type stuff. And the comments have shown my belief about bikes from the day to now. Why? I like toe clips. I dont want to wear a specialty shoe. And like someone here I too did the five borough Bike Tour but on a 1986 modified Nishiki. Anyway nice to see a place to comment on stuff that still holds “value” not for the price but the basic utility and quality. 10-speeds in that day were really well built and reasonable priced – worth every penny.

  • http://www.facebook.com/laura.parke Laura Parke

    Hi Tom, I have a 1975 Blue Raleigh grand prix in working condition. I still ride it and love the bike. The paint job has dings in it and the original badge is there, but replaced seat a couple of times as I use it. Is it worth anything? I paid $150 for it at the bike shop.

  • Mike

    I found a 1977 grand prix I was going to use for a parts bike ,I put some good tires on it before I did anything . I am glad I did ! I love it

  • Barb

    I love it, this is my bike, same color, everything, it’s awesome! I bought it in 1978 for $200 in Illinois and wouldn’t part with it for anything! My seventeen year old son has also fallen in love with it, so I’m actually looking for one for him (or one of similar quality) so I can have mine back. The mechanic of the local Schwinn shop made me promise not to sell it without talking to him first – I am currently looking to replace the tires which is how I found this site – if anyone has ideas on a good replacement tire – let me know!

    • Al

      I have this same bike as well. Same color, same everything except mine is a 1980 that after I researched the serial number I found that it was truly made in Nottingham in 1980. It is all original except for the tires that I had to replace after purchasing it. I found mine in the window of a hardware store in Cheswick Pa with a For Sale sign on it for $50.00. Best buy I ever made. I’ll never part with it. Barb, my advice to you on finding another one is to check with goodwill, salvation army or estate sales as they would be your best bet. Mine is also the same condition as Tom’s 1978. I’ll upload a photo of mine soon. Best of luck Barb on finding another one.

  • Barzune

    Bought mine in about 1980??

    I rode it, off and on, since then.

    In about ten years ago, I bought an aluminium “Whatthehell”,
    and I want my Raleigh back. I liked it, and I do NOT like the new style of bikes.