• BeaterRezQ

    Trevor H., beautiful. Nice find and nearly picture-perfect. Love everything about that classy ride. BRQ

  • Owen P

    The headbadge is making me thirsty for some Pepsi! The shorty fenders are sweet. My ’85 Roadmaster has the same cottered crank.
    Old bike boom 10 Speeds are like, uh, old Dodge Darts (best thing I could come up with). There’s a million of them, but each has its own personality and unique features.

  • otto_von

    very nice, and it cleaned up beautifully! are those knock-off shimano derailleurs and shifters?

  • Tifosi Fratello

    Very nice! In 1977, my father bought me a Niitaka 10-speed (Silver) with Suntour derailleurs and shift gear. It had a leather bag behind the seat, a hand tire pump, a plastic water bottle, and a speedometer. Mine did not come with fenders. I rode that bike at least 50 miles a day. I could keep up with 35 mph traffic and could max out at just under 42 mph on level ground. I used to try and get up to 60 mph going down this hill in La Mesa, Ca. The street was called Cinnabar Dr. I never made it to 60 mph. I could get to 57 mph and that was it. Thinking back now, I was crazy because I had no helmet. https://goo.gl/maps/ACF4AzP2fc22, https://goo.gl/maps/nS97tdRieGo

  • Erwin

    Hai…i have same bike but not sure what year that bike it was. My question is how do you know the production year of that bike and also i’d like to know your bike serial number thanks in advance