• Doghouse Riley

    Such a beauty! Is that the original paint (“Lagoon blue”)?

    It killed me, really, that by the time I was out of school and could afford my Super Course (the ’77 just above) Raleigh stopped chroming the forks and stays; I still drool over that look.

    • older1

      It does kind-of have that clean “drop-dead gorgeous” look to it, doesn’t it? The chromed dropouts and white compliments the color and seem to take weight out.

      Hey Trey, you’d better keep an eye on it (or at least get a good lock)!

  • julie s

    WOW-how did I miss this cupcake! Fantastic job! Is that a nervar crank or a stronglight? Either way the bash guard gives it special class. I’m a fan. Did you retap and file for the rdr change?

  • James Dow

    Hello, some gave me a 10 speed Raleigh like the blue one on the page. I want to restore it. Any ideas are welcome.