• BeaterRezQ

    Cameron, you did well my son! A fine week of fine rides, and an OTSOTM contest to boot!! Thank you, sir.

    Turbo Bob, I don’t “flip” many bikes..I make ’em my own and then mysteriously get attached to them. Sometimes, due to a remarkable outcome, rare qualities, etc….they grow on me kinda like a stray dog. That old Continental seems to have found a place in your heart that new/expensive/or exotic frame material will never fill. If I was a gambling man, I’d bet the farm that the ol’ Continental is an outward expression of it’s owner. Love the setup that screams bikes were meant to be ridden, nice art in the background.

  • Dee stone

    Very cool front derailleur! I never saw anything like it before.

  • Trailerparkcyclist

    As usual, I’m with St. B on this one. I will now never rest until I too have a jockey shift lever on my front D, preferably with a little chrome skull for a knob. With real rubies for eyes. As a Schwinn man myself, Turbo, you are rockin’ my world!

  • Ryan Surface

    Beautiful resto job Turbo-Bob. I love that old school FD shifter very cool and retro. Enjoy those rides down the street and back in time 😉