• Eric

    Can you get more closeups of the silver Azuki? I have one that I acquired off of Freecycle but the parts were all mismatched, and the decals were removed. However, it looks a lot like the silver model shown above. It was in pretty bad shape, I’ve stripped it and now getting ready to repaint it. But I’d love to know what the original parts were.

  • Brian

    The two I adopted are the same bike, except for the color and the funky riser bar on the red one. They both have Sun Tour “SEVEN” rear derailleurs, Sugino cranks and Dia-Compe brakes.
    I uploaded some close-ups at:
    Ride on!

  • Rebecca

    wow i love the silver azuki cuz it reminds me of mine. i have a mint condition silver azuki. when i bought it it came will all the original parts including the old ten speed gears and new tires. since then i have taken off the ten speed and made it a single speed. added new grip tape that matches the vintage seat perfectly and am in the process of getting new lighter rims for it.

  • Brian

    I put a set of basic Alexrims on the silver one. They took roughly 2 1/2 pounds off the bike, they roll nicely and the old brakes work great on the straight aluminum rims. You’ll like the change.

  • Chris

    Do you know what the seat post size is?

    • Brian

      The seat tube is 23″ from top of tube to the bottom bracket, making it a 33″ standover height at the top tube. It’s a little too tall for me, but I don’t need to stand flat-footed at a stop.
      The post itself is 1″ diameter and narrows to about 7/8″ at the seat bracket.

  • shortstitch

    Hey brian. I am a newbie in this whole rode bike thing. It just so happens that my first mike is an azuki century. Its quite old and it’s frame is big, but its something to work with. I was wondering if by any chance you would happen to have some parts that you are willing to sell or at least where would be a good places to buy some tires and other parts. I would really appreciate it.


    • 10speedbriman

      I just have the original parts I replaced: seats, rattrap pedals and a set of steel wheels. I had my LBS owner/mechanic give each one a thorough tune-up and the mechanical parts were okay. We ordered new 27″ Alexrims wheels to put on the silver one, which work great. New 27″ gumwall tires & tubes were there in stock.