• Bob

    Great finds, particularly the LeTour!

  • benjamin1945

    Greg, that Opaque Blue Le Tour is gorgeous. I have a ’74 built in March of that year but not nearly in that good of condition. Mine’s a 25″ frame. I love to ride it, even at my age, 63.

  • Steve Howell

    I own a 1974 Blue Le Tour EXACTLY like that one;Found it at a thrift store for $9.00 (unridable)now I have $180 invested in it,I ride it almost daily;Mine has a pretty serious rust problem mostly on the chrome and shifter, rides great (all the bearings,cables,chain,petals, Etc. are new.)

  • desiree

    the varsity is sick… i love a nice green schwinn. youre riding in style my friend 🙂