• J. Valentin

    These kind of bikes one only gets to see at OTS! The Fuji seems to be a mileage-cruncher!

  • Mark G

    Wow! The lime on the Fuji is glorious! Is that an old Union headlight? I haven’t seen those in years! Great grips too. Enjoy the ride!

  • Pfaff

    Wow, that Fuji looks like it has barely even seen the light of day. Awesome bike.

  • Hugh

    Wow that Fuji is beautiful. I have never seen bars wrapped like that, they look fantastic. So does the rest of the bike!
    Another bike with OTSOTM potential!

  • Gary

    I Owned that very same bike looks like the same color loved it. stolen in 1976.paid over $700.00

  • http://otsg peter

    I just found a 76 s10s and a 78 diamond but your 74 fuji is awesome.

  • Emily R.

    I am rebuilding a Fuji Tourer ’74 and am having trouble finding a seat post since the original was not with the frame. can you give me the diameter of the seatpost on your beautiful Fuji?