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    Very nice, Barry! Looks great!

  • http://velospace.org/user/22683 johnson c

    Awesome looking tires. I am thinking of getting a pair of white tires too

  • Mark Lapakko

    Nice bike. I had a Dunelt road bike a while ago. It had a short wheelbase and a nice agile ride.

  • http://hughsbicycle.blogspot.com Hugh

    You made some great choices there. The bike looks fantastic!

  • Mark D

    I’m not really a huge fan of white saddles, but this bike seems to be crying out for one. Nice job. Great to keep those cottered cranks on the road!

    • older1

      Good, point, Mark: a white saddle would ‘complete’ the overall effect, but I can also understand how difficult it would be deciding to remove a vintage saddle from an OTS! That being stated, if it had white cables, for instance, it could flip from tasteful to gaudy.
      I’ve not really been a huge fan of white tires, unless they’re used to give an authentic appearance to a vintage bike from the early days of cycling, but I have to admit, there’s a desirable ‘high visibility’ feature! Anyway, I think Barry did a great job, and nearly anyone should enjoy it!

  • bill

    I have an old Ross red and whiite striped seat that would compliment both the red and the white on your bike!

    • Cameron

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        Judging from the background, it looks like you’ve got a whole lot more than a red/white saddle, there, C.!

        • bill

          Yeah! I’ve been “collecting” bikes for awhile now. These are my multi-speeds. There is a shed with Chicago Schwinns, Columbias, Raleighs,etc. I’m in a position to acquire old unused bikes. Every day is Christmas!

          • bill

            Sorry Guys,
            Thought that I used low “pixels” so that the pictures could be aseen! I’ll try again soon.

  • bill

    I cannot find the secret to add picures to my posts. I took pictures of the red and White Ross seat that I mentioned the other day for Barry M’s Hercules. No way to copy and paste. I’ll send it to the web site address and see what happens.

    • Cameron

      Bill, there is not secret to posting pics in you comments. They just need to be hosted. (imgur.com, photobucket.com, flickr.com all work well.) You can you use the code they usually provide, paste it to your comment, and it should display.

      • bill


  • http://www.aquelaantigabicicleta.com.br/ Natanael

    Classic beauty…

  • sugi

    immaculate… this bike’s even older than me… good job..

  • Bob H.

    Just a gorgeous bike!

  • Matt K

    That’s looking really nice. I was considering putting white tires on green ’74 Motobecane GT–now I’m convinced.

  • Spike

    It’s probably early 70s, because of the auxiliary brake levers and the spoke protector, both items that were inspired by Schwinn and emulated by many other makers who were providing bikes to the American market during the early years of the bike boom. That said, it’s an old-fashioned bike that probably was originally designed in the mid-60s. Beautiful original condition, and Hercules was a quality brand.

  • Barry L. May

    Thanks everyone!

    Maybe it’s a 72, the first serial number digit is a 2, another old Hercules with the same chainwheels and gears was thought to be a 69. it’s number began with an 8, maybe 68. Just a guess. Anyway, it rides great.