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  • Rick

    Great detective work !

  • Dave

    Thanks for the Azuki pics! I picked up one at a second hand store a few years back, and it came up for restoration this winter. That headbadge is mysterious without the emporer’s flower, but it has to be Azuki. Mine also has the hot pink dots on the chainwheel bolts. Look for a posting of my early 70’s Azuki tourist-10 soon. And thanks to Gaige for the photos showing the rear reflector mounting…I wondered what that bracket stacked with the washers and spacers on the rear brake was for! My bracket is bent like an “L”, considering straightening it, still dont quite get it…if I could remember where I put it….

  • Lonnie main

    Hi I have just gotten an old Premiun 5, can any body tell me who made it and in what time frame

    • VIC

      Lonnie, good luck with that. Best bet would be to post it up here.

  • VIC

    Lonnie, good luck with that. Best bet would be to post it up here.

  • dihummer

    Premium was a Japanese brand exported to the USA by H. Tano Company, according to Howie Cohen of West Coast Cycle Supply Co (WCCSC). Howie Cohen imported some of these at one stage. H. Tano was the exporter, not necessarily the manufacturer. Howie Cohen says that Sakai Bicycle Co. (Mr.
    Katayama, president) manufactured some Premium bicycles.

    I also thought that this was an Azuki headbadge when I first saw it, but I think it is a separate brand name. WCCSC originally owned the brand name Azuki. Some Azuki models and Premium models may have been manufactured by the some company in Japan.

  • http://www.kaliene.wordpress.com Kaliene

    Oh my heavens, I am so pleased to have seen this post! – And OTS for that matter! I too, acquired a mystery 10-speed this last weekend and have spent the better parts of the last few days attempting to hunt down information about it’s origins. It’s components have led me to a pretty solid understanding: I have your run-of-the-mill Japanese manufactured mid-70’s bike-boom bike: Shimano Eagle rear derailleur (c. 1973), Shimano Thunder Bird front derailleur (also c. 1973 – based on information found in a Shimano catalog of the same year), plasticky Shimano friction stem-shifters, identical Araya wheels, etc. and the SAME PIE PLATE! My head badge reads “Dolphin” and too has the same MADE IN JAPAN sticker on the down tube. The serial is Y74 C142043 – the Y74 coupled with the rough component dates makes me think 1974, but who knows? Anyway, I’ve started the task of cleaning her up and getting her ride-able before spring. I do believe I’ll be visiting again, thanks for all the wonderful inspiration!