• Joe B.

    HOLY COW! Talk about feeling envious. How did you ever stumble across this one?

  • jaydub

    Bigger is better ….Sweet score..

  • http://hughsbicycle.blogspot.com sprocket56

    Unbelievable! That is Fan %#*%ing tastic!

  • gunnerman

    I saw this one on ebay and was tempted. I loved to see it put togaher.

  • gunnerman

    That should be together.

  • Adam

    Seriously, seriously jealous. How??

  • Nik

    What wheels did this come with? I just picked up one of these and I think my wheels aren’t original.

    • Andrew

      I bought this exact bike when vwayne1 had it on ebay! I put a set of Gatorskins on it because I don’t really trust 25 year old tires – even though they look good still. The wheels are 36 spoke Raleigh specific and labeled that way. The hubs are Sansin sealed bearing.

      • Doug Hack

        Old tires: I bought a 40 year old Cilo at an Estate sale last fall and took it for a ride the next day. The tires looked okay, but the back one blew out 12 miles from home. I had a spare tube but not a spare tire. I wrapped a cliff bar wrapper around the tube, and used the old tube to wrap around the blown out area. I had to remove the brake blocks, but I got home without walking. I now carry a spare tire.