• Smashinz2002

    Hi. You have a really nice, clean old bike. Also, I see it is the tall frame, the 25″ size. That is rare to find, because back then, most people were not tall enough to ride the large frame bikes. Therefore, keep it!!! Never sell it as long as you live. Seriously~!
    Also, I noticed you have the ’78 model. Mine is a ’76 model, also acquired in original condition from the original owner. I will post a picture. It is fantastic to ride, so I understand what you mean when you say you love it! I love mine too, and it rides like a dream.. Very fast, very tight, and the shifting of that great Shimano 600 is silky smooth, with no noise.. I had no idea how great the Super Le Tour 12.2 was, until I got lucky and found mine, (for $140), and began to ride it regularly. What a truly fantastic bike! Not as forgiving as a cheap wal-mart special type bike, but hey, it’s a sport bike, it is supposed to be super sensitive to all inputs, and provide superb road surface communication to the rider, which is does flawlessly. I will never sell mine, not ever! I have the bragging rights of owning and riding a 37 year old bike in original condition with God knows how many miles on it, and it still rides and handles like a dream. Mine weighs 26.5 lbs, exactly as advertised by Schwinn in their 1976 catalog. . Also, I just found and purchased an original owners manual for this bike.
    Have fun enjoying your sweet silver Super Le Tour 12.2! What a great bike. I Love ’em too.

    • paul miller

      I used to have one. Except mine was Red w/23″ frame. I put COUNTLESS miles on her, but kept her in perfect condition. Then, someone stole her. I cried for WEEKS!!