STOLEN: Justin’s Huffy 626

First it was “The Dude” now it’s the Huffy 626, it seems no OTS is safe! It was once thought that the lighter the bike, the heavier the lock, but this is no longer the case. You may have bought your old crappy 10-speed in the hopes that it would not get attention from thieves, but it appears that thieves are hip to our scene. Weight, quality and MSRP no longer apply—lock ’em up kids!


Stolen Bike. I was so proud of this bike, my first garbage day rescue. I just heard from Justin the current owner/victim that they actually cut
the railing to get this bike.

It does have a distinctive mark. You can see behind (underneath) the bottom bracket where I cut-off the kick stand mounting bracket.

  • Bart

    I had one of these with no logos! I was in the process of converting it to a fixed gear, and had it set up as a single speed with a Shadow Conspiracy 32T chainwheel and a KMC Z series chain hooked up to the 3rd smallest gear on back. Too much torque for the dropouts though, they snapped before I could ever hit top speed 🙁

  • John

    OMG! I was riding one of these earlier this week and the frame cracked at the crank! I had bright yellow bar tape just like that!

  • ryan

    i had one for a like 4 days until it got stolen on 4/20/09

  • ryan

    i hade one just like that it got stolen but how much you want for it thst all i want is for one back

  • Mary Ryan

    I have a Schwinn women’s Kool Lemon 10-speed bike that I would like to sell. I purchased it new for $75 back in 1971 (freshman year of H.S.). Very good condition except for a blown out tire. Would like to sell it because I bought a Trek. If you were me, how much would you price it at? Would try and sell via Craig’s List in Chicago. Thank you for the advice.

  • Grant long

    hey everyone Im looking for a very tall vintage schwinn mens 10 speed. When I was in high school my friend had one but we don’t know what it was called. please Help me find this jewel

  • grant long
  • Doug in MI

    Do you recall what year this bike is (or should I say was)? I have one I’m cleaning up right now.


  • tech245

    I just found a perfect huffy 626 compleatly original sitting in my buddy garage and he wants to get rid of it, if any of you guys are in mn you can have it.