Street Seen Debut – Bike Rack Hoggin’ Bianchi

Ben (Veloben) had the OTSG in mind with when he snapped these reconnaissance shots of a Bianchi commuter bike parked out side a library. Thanks to Ben, I have now created a new category for submissions–Street Seen is for all you folks out there who take pictures of other people’s bikes. So if you see a good one while your locking up yours, snap a couple shots and send it.

Who does this guy think he is–he’s taking up about a half dozen bike slips with that thing!



Found this recently parked out behind the Library. Unfortunately the shot of the head tube is not good enough to reveal the maker. If it comes back (loan period is three weeks) I’ll get a better photo.

Classic kit, frame tube, light duty rack, light duty lock and modern (relatively) rack bag.


Thanks Ben