Street Seen: BikeSnobNYC Gets In On The OTS Action

The thrill and honor of today’s Street Seen entry ranks right up there with the OTSG being quoted in the New York Times. This is because it was sent in by none other than BikeSnobNYC. Known primarily for his biting wit and hilariously creative references and writing style, he is also (though not openly) a big fan of old 10-speeds. He claims he spotted this ragtag beauty in Brooklyn, but judging from that stem to seat height ratio this could be a ride from his personal collection.


“Seen in Brooklyn.” I love it when they say “10 Speed” on the top tube!


Thanks Snob

  • Peter Robb

    ON 10 SPEED DECALS: I picked up an old Morrison 10 speed yesterday and it had 10 SPEED in upper case white decals like a eurostile font. Quite striking, but they were on the front down tube where your calves go up and down starting near the outer the radius of the crank pedals. The decals wrapped around half of each side of the frame tube and faced each other. Top to top and bottom to bottom, sort of thing. Frame was light metallic blue. The bike was all there but locked and all rusty chrome. The frame neck was bent back as if someone had thrown it off a bank but the wheel is not bent, no flats in the rim.
    So I might straighten it out and get it running again. It has a Japanese ‘digital’ combination lock. However it means use your digits with no electronics at all ( : about ten little tab sliders have to be aligned to get the lock open. I can cut the link but if there is anyone out there who can pick these locks I would appreciate a few pointers

  • Peter Robb

    Oh and I should add the white 10 SPEED decals were italic inclined and this ole 10 speed was retrieved in Dunedin, New Zealand.