Street Seen: Bob H.’s Huffy Omni 10

It’s been a while since our last Street Seen, so thanks to Bob H. in Madison, WI, for treating us to some primo Huffy step-through greatness.

This here Huffy starts our Themeorific May Madness.  I have assembled all my submissions according to a theme.  This weekend is Good Ol’ American Plumbing-Pipe-Turned-Bicycle, followed by England Week, Japan Week and so on.  This should be fun.

I hate to be a Huffsnob, but that's NOT the original saddle.
Huffy, Dayton, Ohio. Thank You Dayton.Shimano Skylark RDCoiled for your comfort.

A vanishing breed photographed in its natural habitat – an off-campus bike rack. This bike meets all OCTS criteria. It’s definitely old, (bike boom era), definitely crappy (i.e. a Huffy) and definitely a ten speed. Or on this case, an “Omni-10,” for riders who like their prefixes!

I spotted this just a block from my office near the UW Madison campus. It’s a vanishing breed because more and more students are ditching the trusty OCTS in favor of not as old, but far crappier, “mountain bikes,” usually department store purchases that weigh a ton, and with knobby tires are not the greatest on pavement. I know because even a middle aged desk jockey such as myself can zip past kids laboring to push these POS up the slightest hills . . .

But I digress. Back to the great features of this OCTS. It’s got it all: step through frame, welded on kickstand, three piece crank, ultra-comfy mattress saddle, those unique perforated grips and of course the “marque de crap,” the Huffy headbadge! Would it surprise you to know this bike was not locked?

Thanks again Bob

  • Bob H.

    I spooted an immaculately pristine version of this same model last week, only with 3-speed style bars, a basket, and some awesome matching blue tires!

  • Peter Robb

    far out blue love it…

  • margaret

    My blue Omni 10 just like this was just stolen from my driveway!!! I got it from a freecycle site a few years ago. I LOVED IT! I never locked it, and figured it was unstealable, with its jammed gears and ripped seat. How can I get another?? What years did Huffy makes these beauties!!

    Margaret in Moutnain View, CA

  • Peter Robb

    I have an avanti ladies cycle with similar frame if you are interested? Its in New Zealand.

  • Peter Robb

    Here is a picture of a Morrison Ladies model, (sorry) is the bike I meant ( :

    Its for sale now.

  • ruby

    oh man. back in the day i wanted an “omni,” but got a “strider” instead. in fact, i just pulled the ol’ gal out of its 17 year hiatus to see if she can get road ready for some low-key street riding in Chicago! am i crazy?!