Fixed Gear Trends Floating Our Direction?

It has come to my attention that played out fixed gear trends are now washing up on the shores of Old Ten Speed Island. This Murray sporting a pool noodle top tube pad could be cause for alarm, but I am not so worried. This is indeed a 10-speed, but it’s of the early to mid 90’s Wal-mart mountain bike variety and clearly not an accurate reflection of the old ten speed scene as whole.


Well another interesting OTS showed up behind the library today. This Murray even has the weird red with black drizzle paint job. Like some one overloaded a brush and let the paint just run off in a thin line all over the frame.

The one nod to current fashion is the orange pool noodle used as a top tube pad, on a step through frame no less. Didn’t see the rider so I can’t confirm how short he/she actually is. Enjoy

Thanks Ben