Matters of Manors and Meadows

Sunday I loaded up the Family and headed south to Oak Brook for the much anticipated Manor & Meadow Tour.
We arrived on time only to realize I forgot to hit an ATM on our way down, so after running to get some cash, we got back to the start location right in time to miss the group shot!

While I host and maintain the OTSG, in real life I’m not a member of or active in any vintage bicycle clubs—I’m not sure where I would find the time for it in addition to all the other time I spend on, around, or talking bikes—so it was interesting to see the scope of what appeared to be a large contingent of British Bicycles of Chicago.

Since the only thing close to a British bike I own is a 62cm Taiwanese-built 1981ish Raleigh Rapide, I opted for some American Steel in the form of a 1973 Schwinn Continental. As for Mrs. Ten Speed, I set her up on a sweet all original Sears ladies 3-Speed with full fenders and a functioning headlamp. I have to say, we were quite a snazzy bunch, complimented of course by our trusty navigator in the Burley.

While the ride wasn’t terribly long, it was very pleasant and there were a multitude of landmarks along the way. One such landmark was the York Tavern where we cooled down with a little free A/C adn a not-so free Stella.  After we got back to the start, my trusty navigator and I posed for one last picture. Darrell & Co. put on a great little ride, and it was a great way to spend the afternoon. I only wish we could have stayed longer.

And just so I don’t leave you empty handed and wishing there were some pics of some sweet old bikes. Here are a couple that I was coveting all day.

  • BeaterRezQ

    Cam, you’re a lucky man to be surrounded by such lovely people..and old vintage classics.
    I am equally as lucky and count my blessings daily.

  • Darrell Yarborough

    Cameron, many many thanks for attending The Manor & Meadow Tour. Thanks also for the splendid write-up and photos.

  • Trailerparkcyclist

    Very Gatsby, Cam. And a lovely family to boot. Thanks for sharing.