Street Seen: Takara Mixte 10-Speed

Today we have another great OTS sighting from Ben. This may be the third Takara Mixte to grace the Gallery, but this is certainly the first with a skyward pointing Brooks. This Takara also sports the stylish bare bars like one of our early entries in the gallery. It is also nice to see some many bikes in the rack!




The Library seems to be an attractive rest stop for odd OTS. This Takara (a make I’ve never heard of) showed up today. The Brooks saddle must be as old as the frame and the tilt must make for a very interesting riding experience. At least at some point it got new cables and housings in bright red. Still has the stem mounted shifters too.

  • brian kline

    i found a takara unicycle at flea market today. any info about this company?

  • Eric

    I too am interested on info about this company. two craigslisters boned me on bikes i had told them i was going to buy today and i found one takara that looks good. we’ll see.