Street Seen: Zach Spots Huffy Strider

We’ve been on a roll of Huffurrays the past few days, so what better way to wrap up the week than with a little Street Seen action.  Zach spotted this Huffy Strider at his local thrift store with a $20 price tag.  That is a hellofa deal!  Zach, please tell me you bought it!

Street Seen - Huffy Strider
Street Seen - Huffy Strider

huffy strider seen at a thrift store. what do you think for $20. classic ots, doesnt even have a chain.

Thanks Zach

  • Hugh

    I think a brand new Schwinn derailleur chain is 6.99 at Meijer. Nice find for 20 bucks!

  • Johny

    I just got one of these. Great bike! Needs better brakes, though.

  • Maxx

    bought this bike new decades ago, still going strong.
    Have only had to do the usual tires and tubes and some minor repairs. Also, if you know how to adjust brakes they can put you over the handelbars (no worries there).
    oh, mine does have an old Swinn seat on it now but, I can’t remember why. I’m a casual rider and for me it’s a great old bike. …and FYI my original graphic reads “STRIDER” (so much for the would-be experts 🙂

  • Bellpr

    Wish I still had mine. Should have never sold it.